More Ideas for Summer Camp Program

I am making a list of questions for the public health nurse for our county regarding the major health concerns in our area especially concerning children. I am anticipating that one area of concern is mental health. I would like to involve the summer camp kids in a project that promotes positive thinking and self esteem. It is called “The Best Part of Me”. Kids will choose a part of their body they like the best. They will have to think about the skills they have and what attributes they possess. A fast runner may choose their legs, a singer may choose their voice, etc. Art projects are based on what the kids come up with. I have done this project with students of all ages and everyone likes it. At first it can be daunting to think about the things we like about ourselves. It is all too easy to think negatively. But everyone can think of something they like and then the fun begins! Students will write an essay about why they chose their part and then illustrate their essay in some fashion. They may choose to draw, paint, make a demonstration video, write a song, put on a skit or puppet show. I welcome ideas and feedback!
Lyndsay Clark

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