Ideas about the summer art program at the park

This is an informal blog inspired by the meeting I attended at the arts council on Saturday. The meeting was attended by Kala Stein, Glenn McClure and myself. It was great to hear about the whole program and see what big ideas are driving the projects. It is great to see what is already taking shape. I am excited about being a part of the summer art camp in the park on Murray Hill. It is so pretty up there and it will be a nice place to be creative. Health and nutrition are the themes for the camp as well as looking at art from the WPA collection and looking at the connection between art and health. I deas for projects are coming faster than I can write them down. I first thought of contacting the public health nurse in Livingston County to see what the biggest concerns are for health in the area. I am thinking about a few right now; water safety, poisonous plants, deer ticks, poisonous animals, germs and spreading germs, etc,I will find out specifically what are the most pressing. The children can divide into smaller groups to choose an area of concentration and then create a skit to get their point across. Sort of like a public service announcement. Puppets are a fun way to engage children in the learning process so I thought it would be great to have them make puppets and masks using plaster gauze and other fun stuff. They can use their creations to put on puppet plays about health and art and the environment and other cool things they think of! This is a call out for anyone who reads this to start saving things for the summer arts camp!! By things I mean weird stuff like old umbrellas and vacuum cleaners, fabric, wood scraps, shiny metal things, doo dads, you know, cool stuff we can use to decorate. We will be making our own puppet stages as well, most likely out of refrigerator boxes and things like that. We want to promote re-using!! Music is a big part of this and kids will be encouraged to bring their instruments if it is ok with their parents and/or we can make our own instruments and have musical accmompanyment to this performance. The performance of course will be filmed and posted on the website. More to come on this project! Our camp runs the last week of July.

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