small farms, initial idea

A Buy Local Sell Local project

 Small farms and food paths in Livingston County;

 *A group of local High school students will split up to conduct interviews and document with  

 video, audio, and photography, and possibly drawings the activities of some local small farmers.

 *They will then come back together to pool their interviews and documentation       into a short film or trailer, comprised of snippets of each students material.

 *In addition Prints will be made of each students photo’s to be displayed with  a short excerpt from an interview.

 *The project will wrap up with with an open screening and photo gallery, with         other possible venues to follow. 

 *In addition a architectural sculpture may be installed as a centerpiece using only   local food as a   medium, perhaps serving as an hors d’oeuvre. 

 Phase 1- Locate willing farmers to collaborate with, arrange tentative interview times.

  – Locate video audio, and photo equipment, both for shooting, editing, and printing.

  – Locate a few possible exhibition spaces.

  – Locate projector and screen or large white wall.

  – Compile examples of similar projects and other inspirational material.

  – Compile sample interview questions.

Phase 2 – Meet with students to view some example interview style documentaries and photo journalism.

    – Assess their strengths and interests and allocate rolls accordingly.

  – Introduce equipment and test out in mock interviews.

  – Decide on beginning set of interview questions.

  – Pick farmers and arrange interview and documentation times, transportation.

  – Create timeline and schedule the opening

Phase 3 – Carry out interviews and documentation 

  – Regroup and present findings

  – Edit and combine video and audio

  – Edit photo’s and if desired pair with appropriate audio transcriptions.

Phase 4 – Publicity for opening, posters, social networking, pennysaver, livingston co. news, etc.

  – Food and beverages for opening

  – Set up and open up 


*Where might I find a few digital camera’s, a video camera and audio recorder? I have my own to begin with, more  

  would be better.

*finding somebody experienced with video editing?  I have some friends who’d like to help, but somebody already involved might be better.


*how many kids?

*I would like to include the kids in as much of the editing as possible, yeah or neah?

*maybe collaborate with Kala’s group cooking the sculpture at the opening.

Any idea’s for examples of similar projects for inspiration?


* Don, tomatoes and other veggies, sells to local restaurants – East Avon    

* Bonnie and Bob, eggs and cows – Hemlock

*I have others in mind just haven’t confirmed with them yet.


* My friend Cathy Wahl is the High school Librarian at Avon, I’ll talk to her about a good group of students.

* Another friend Betty Rienhart is the High school school guidance counselor at HFL, I’ll talk with her as well.

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