Partnering with Once Again Nut Butter and Keshequa 5th Graders

Chris and I  will be  meeting with our partnering teachers today to discuss this exciting project!

Buy Local/Build a Future:
A program to educate students about local businesses.
Once Again Nut Butter/ Keshequa Fifth Grade / Teaching Artists Chris Norton and Erin-Kate Howard

We hope this could be a starting point for future connections between the school and Once Again. This will compliment the students’ previous learning involving sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations.

Project:     A filmed, fictional documentary of people talking about Once Again Nut Butter factory in Nunda.

Each actor will be given one question they will have to answer on film. Actors will portray workers at the factory, local shoppers, and others who are affected by Once Again.

Students will have to choose who their character is and think about how such an adult acts and how they are affected by Once Again. They will need to know how they will answer their question.

Also, several students will act as the interviewers (who will ask the questions of the actors) and narrators (who will tell us about the history of the factory).

Each class will make a separate film.  So the parts and questions will repeat amongst the three 5th grade classrooms.

Sessions:    1.) Chris and Erin-Kate come in to introduce the project to the
(June 15-18?)          students and assign students their parts and give each student
a question that they will be asked for the “documentary”. (60

2.) Employees from Once Again visit to talk about the factory
and to answer the student’s questions. Students will not only
have to listen to the  answer for their particular question;
they will have to learn about Once Again so they can portray
their part. (60 min)

3.) Students rehearse then record the “documentary” with Chris
and E-K. (90 min total)

Some sample questions the student actors will be asked in the “documentary” and that they will need to ask the Once Again visitors:
– Why did you want to work at Once Again?
– What’s nicer about this job compared to more “normal” jobs you’ve had in the past?
-What are some drawbacks to working here compared to working at other jobs you’ve had?
– Can you see yourself staying here until you retire? Why?
-What kind of benefits does the company offer?
-Do you like the way decisions are made here and why or why not?

Artistic discipline- Acting.  Specifically: the creation of a character and how to convey the emotion behind their words.

For information on the larger “Buy Local” project and grant visit

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