Keshequa visit finished

(Hey I found this cool button that says “add new” post)  Well our three days in Keshequa are complete.  I thought it went great.  The teacher’s were very helpful and the kids were incredibly attentive and cooperative.  We had alot of fun.

Erin Kate was able to make those incredibly valuable adjustments in the midst of class that are (in my experience) essential to good teaching.  For example: our first day there came a moment when we realized that the kids could use a chance to get up and move around.  On the spot she improvised some actor’s warmup excersizes to get them out of their chairs and get the blood moving.  Really goofy stuff that had the kids laughing. While they laughed they learned that emoting and acting require “stretching” just like any other activity. We’ll have some of this video on the website.

On day one we introduced documentaries, worker co-op.s and the art of creating a character. On day two Once Again Nut Butter’s general manager, Bob Gelser, came in to tell us all about the business and answer the student’s questions.  The kids were assigned their parts (and given the questions they were to answer) the previous day.  They made sure they knew enough after Bob’s visit to answer there question on film the next day.

So the third day Erin-Kate talked with each student about their character while I was filming our narrators and then the kids who were playing parts in our fictional documentary about Once Again.

The final video will be shown to these students next September when they are in 6th grade.  Plus it’ll be on the website. So there’s lots of editing to be done.  The final video will consist of footage from the factory and footage around Nunda with narration by a couple students.  Interspersed throughout will be students answering questions from interviewers.  Of course, they won’t be students, they’ll be playing different folks around town and various employee-owners from Once Again. There will even be student’s portraying the plant manager- but not specifically Bob Gelser.

Speaking of Mr. Gelser, he was very generous with his time and we can’t thank him enough. Video of him wouldn’t fit into our fictionalization of Once Again and the people who work and shop there; but we will have some footage of him (along with Erin Kate and I demonstrating acting and the students asking questions) on the “making-of” footage which will be posted to the website.

It was a personal pleasure for me to let these kids know about this highly successful business in the midst of their small hometown.

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