Retsof Salt Mine History

Salt Mining in Livingston County has played a vital role in our economic, cultural, and artistic history.  Here, we see the results of a team of high school students from York Central School (that sits right beside the old mine shaft) and folklorist Karen Canning working with original documents and stories from old timers in our area.

They assembled a moving story of the rise, fall and eventual rebirth of the salt mine.  The story is accompanied by the music of some of our finest traditional Italian musicians, many of whom worked in the salt mine.  There were many challenges that faced the miners.  Like other American industries, immigrants of diverse cultural backgrounds were thrust together to work in dangerous situations. The miners said that no matter what troubles they had with another miner on the surface, it was forgotten as soon as you went below.  The mine faced pressures from international businesses, environmental questions, economic opportunities, and even a minor earthquake.

Come join Karen and her team of high school students in this fascinating human story of one our most important local industries.

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