Take One…Take Two…Roll ‘Em!

Today, several fifth and sixth grade poets from Caledonia-Mumford Elementary and Middle School recorded their poetry to the ukulele playing of their peers.  One light shone on the stage in a pitch black auditorium, and the students read their works about this town.  Teachers Courtney Monahan and Kyle Leonard have been working very hard with students on their reading…slow and with inflection.  The fifth graders had only one item of homework the previous evening, “Inflection – read your poem with the inflection you want others to hear.”

Sixth Grade Poets – Dominica, Madison, Katie, Marissa, & Mikey

Much gratitude goes out to Cal-Mum’s “in-house audio/visual guru” and band instructor Tom Toyama for volunteering his expertise in shooting the video, taping the audio, and merging it all together.

The book that these poets have written, I Am Caledonia-Mumford, is in full press now.  Courtney and Kyle worked under pressure to help their students meet a quick deadline and enrichment coordinator Deborah Bussewitz, worked like mad to lay the whole book out for release next week.  The timing of this book’s release  dovetails with another local celebration, One Book, One School, One Community next Thursday, June 24, orchestrated by teacher Katrina Hatch.  Thank you to White Barn Press (a local Rochester press) for all of their help with design, editing, and willingness to meet our deadline graciously.

Now everyone who has been rushing to meet deadlines can happily anticipate the finished pieces to come!

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