Continuing Our Poetry & Artwork

Caledonia-Mumford students continue to work on their poetry and artwork for our book and music project.  Teachers Courtney Monahan and Kyle Leonard are helping their students draft and revise their poems about local people, places, and events.  Last week we experimented with the structure of poetry as I demonstrated how we can learn about rhyme and meter from someone else’s published poem.  We looked at Valerie Worth’s poem “Shell”, from All the Small Poems and Fourteen More, clapping and counting out the syllables and learning from the rhyme scheme.  Students played around with this form, learning that rhymes must make sense and that sometimes poetry can feel like a puzzle.

This week the students are working to finalize their poems for our book and ukulele project.  When the book is complete, readers will notice the variety of structures:  list, mask (pretending to be something), concrete (poems in the shape of something), story poems, description poems….  Each of these will be followed by a brief explanation of what inspired the writer.  Some students are drawing and taking photographs to go along with their poems, and you can see a charming cow picture and poem below.

Mike Balonek’s Cow

by Michael

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